Environmental Management

AMBIPETRO operates in the field of environmental management, basing its activities on the concept of eco-efficiency and interfacing with state- and federal-government bodies. We develop propositions, implementations and monitoring of environmental programs.


AMBIPETRO has the expertise required for performing social and economic surveys, georeferencing the surveyed area. Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to generate analyses focused not only on social and economic features, but also on cultural and environmental characteristics, so as to produce complete reports with different levels of complexity.


AMBIPETRO uses updated technologies to acquire, process, analyze and deliver geographically-referenced information. The geotechnologies result from a combination of hardware and software solutions that added to our team of specialists constitute powerful decision-making tools. Our geotechnology activities include use of Geographic Information Systems – GIS, Digital Cartography and Remote Sensing. The Ambipetro Geoprocessing Software Development Factory offers customized GIS solutions and specialized professionals to fulfill a wide range of needs and applications for this type of tool. Among the main applications are: government management; environmental management and monitoring; agribusiness, particularly in the field of agri-energy, sanitation, electric power, telecommunications, geology, and oil & gas.

Using GIS technologies, AMBIPETRO works on the specialization of information, developing database-integrated systems that can be consulted by means of objective questions, therefore supporting clients in decision making and acting as a key tool for modernizing business management. We have the installed capacity to meet our clients’ needs using georeferenced databases, with our geointelligent software factory. Thanks to our geoprocessing technologies and expertise, we can offer the market products such as GIS theme maps for integration with existing systems, as well as solutions for integrating georeferenced information and integrated database design. We are currently developing important projects in the environment, agri-energy, and oil & gas areas.