These are data collections performed in a production platform’s or a drilling rig’s area of influence, in order to map environmental contamination conditions (water column and sediment) resulting from underwater oil and gas extraction activities. The following instruments are used in our environment data collection services: CTD, rosette with CTD and bottles, current meters, ADCPs, water sampling bottles (Niskin, Go-flow, Van-dorn), plankton nets, multi-parameter probes, van-veen grab, box-corer, piston Kullenberg, instrumented moorings, etc.

Coleta de água em Garrafas Go-flow

Collecting water in bottle Go-flow

Coleta de água em Garrafa de Niskin

Collecting water in bottle of Niskin

Arrasto com redes de planctôn

Trawling with plankton net

Lançamento de CTD

Launching of CTD

Coleta de amostra de sedimento com Box Core

Collecting sediment sample with Core Box