Data Collection services are performed in the offshore region and support operators in the process of identifying sites showing signs of the presence of hydrocarbons. We employ the following instruments to perform our exploration services: piston corers (for surface geochemistry), sub-bottom profilers (for shallow seismic surveys), heat flow and box corers, among others.

Aquisição de Multi-Beam e Navegação com Hydromap

Acquisition of Multi-beam and Navigation Hydromap

Preparação para lançamento de Piston Core

Preparing to launch the Piston Core

Lançamento de Piston Core

Piston Core launching

Liner do Piston Core

Piston Core of Liner

Imagem do sub-bottom profiler

Image of sub-bottom profiler

Preparação para lançamento do side scan sonar

Preparing to launch of side scan sonar

Imagem de side scan sonar

Image of side scan sonar