The AMBIPETRO – Surveys and Innovation- is the only company in Brazil to install and operate the high frequency SeaSonde radars of CODAR Ocean Sensors Ltda company that allow to obtain at real-time data of the surface streams. The company also collects, analyzes and interprets different types of oceanographic and environmental data, generating high-quality information, decision-making oriented customer. In the area of ​​the response to injury supporting oil at sea, AMBIPETRO makes use of the oil slick shunts positioned satellite.

  • Measurements of oceanographic data by satellite;
  • Differential positioning by hydro acoustic system;
  • Images of the seabed using multibean system;
  • Background sampling using Piston-Core and Core-Box;
  • Operation of AUV (Autonomous UnderwaterVehicle) in partnership with C & C Tech.;
  • Installation and operation of instrumented mooring;
  • Creating mosaics of the seafloor using Side Scan Sonar;
  • Surveys with magnetometer;
  • Measurement Correntógrafos;
  • Use of autonomous vehicles like Glider, Installation and use of measurements with ADCPs;
  • Installation and operation of meteo-oceanographic buoy;
  • Survey and “as-built” pipeline;
  • Analysis and interpretation of data and preparation of expert geo-referenced databases;
  • High resolution seismic (on request);