Accomplished Projects


Client: Petrobras Norte

Mapping and management of the construction of approximately 700 km of gas duct between the municipalities of URUCU and MANAUS, in the Brazilian Amazon region, as well as registration and analysis of Environmental Inspection Points (Pontos de vistoria ambiental – SMS) in selected sections of the line.

  • Water body study

Client: INPA

Mapping of points for collection of water from the rivers crossed by the gas duct. Samples were collected at several points considered critical, for analysis of a number of variables relevant to the health and cleanliness of the rivers and igarapés (seasonal streams) comprised in this portion of the duct. Documents and photos of species catalogued along the areas were also inserted.

  • Agricultural capability study for oilseed crops for production of biodiesel for the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Client: Petrobras RN

Crossing of variables and development of a theme chart portraying the areas found adequate for planting oilseeds for production of biofuel.

  • Action and Prevention Plan for Rains and Floods in the State of Rio Grande do Norte – PAERN)

Client: Government of the State of Rio Grande do Norte

Mapping of risk areas and development of digital database, including simulations of floods and route diversions in case of flooding.

  • GIS PID-UN RNCE Pilot Project

Client: Petrobras RN

Web-based mapping of portions of ducts for assessment of their integrity standards; mapping and analysis of environmental inspection points (SMS).

  • IVR for Transport of Dangerous Goods (onshore)

    Client: Petrobras

    Creator and developer of the Vulnerability Index Road