Mapeamento de correntes superficiais oceânicas da Bacia de Campos a partir do sistema CODAR SeaSonde® – Testes de desempenho do sistema e resultados preliminares

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Abstract. The SeaSonde® is a High Frequency (HF) Radar, developed and manufactured by the Company CODAR Ocean Sensors, in order to track sea surface currents with high spatial and temporal resolution. Although SeaSonde is widely used around the world, the first SeaSonde of South Hemisphere was bought by PETROBRAS to monitor the currents at Campos Basin. PETROBRAS has chosen the Long Range configuration because of the higher range of coverage of this model. The SeaSonde® uses two remote sites, each one having two compact antennas (one transmitter and one receiver). To find out the best locations to place the remote sites, some tests had to be done at all the locations available. The locations that were pointed out as possible good due their open view to the ocean were Búzios, Cabo Frio, Casimiro de Abreu and Campos dos Goytacazes. The system was mounted at each location and measured radial data for a few hours. It was also measured the azimuth of the receptive antenna and the irradiation pattern of the antennas at each location. The high quality of the data obtained at Foguete Beach (at Cabo Frio) and São Tomé Lighthouse (at Campos dos Goytacazes) proved that those are the best locations to place the remote sites.

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Análise crítica de um sistema com radar de alta frequência para sensoriamento remoto oceânico

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Resume: This paper describes the methods used to obtain information from the field of surface currents from data SeaSonde ®, and gives examples of its application to measured data. The SeaSonde ® is a compact radar high frequency (HF) which can be operated from the shore or an offshore platform to produce maps of sea surface current speed and local estimates of the directional wave spectrum.

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