AMBIPETRO was founded in 2003. It was originally established as a partner and shareholder in a merger involving Oceansat, Petroleum Environmental Geoservices – PEG and Embraos, when OceansatPEG S.A. was set up. At the time, AMBIPETRO’s current owners and executives were managing partners of Oceansat: Mr. Carlos Leandro was the company’s Chief Marketing Executive and Ms. Beatriz Mattos was Chief Environmental Executive.

Ambipetro started operations in 2005 – after OceansatPEG was acquired by FUGRO and the two executives left to set up this new company – in observance of the non-competition period agreed between the company’s owners and FUGRO. AMBIPETRO’s headquarters were thus established in Natal, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, and the company left the offshore market to focus on rendering onshore field services in the energy sector.

At that time, AMBIPETRO developed not only GIS solutions for management of gas pipelines in the Amazon and for maintenance of pipeline integrity, but also georeferrenced databases for pre social communication programs and updates of registration forms in linear construction projects.

Also in the energy industry, Ambipetro has developed solutions for renewable energy sources, such as GIS for agricultural capability for investments in biofuel, GIS for investments in the installation of wind farms, GIS for biofuel production logistics, and other solutions.

In the field of environmental management, AMBIPETRO has developed the GIS for management of the Flood Emergency Plan for the State of Rio Grande do Norte. The company also sponsored the Onda Limpa Program in the Brazilian city of Natal, a volunteer program for cleaning of the town’s urban beaches.

In 2010, AMBIPETRO once again sets up office in Rio de Janeiro and returns to the offshore market.